Wednesday, 22 April 2009

LCD enclosures - aiding digital advertising in the 21st Century.

Since the birth of digital signage in Asia, forward thinking businesses have seen digital signage as the way to capture attention and increase thier brand awareness. This has become more so in the USA, where Out Of Home Dynamic advertising (also known as ooh advertising) is one of the fastest growing markets.

As soon as you leave your front door you will see OOH ads, these have a multitude of uses, from giving passenger information, improving brand awareness or even giving up to the minute news reports on things that are important.

OOH is also known as outdoor digital signage and dynamic advertising, the digital signage solutions have overtaken the static billboard advertisements, you will have noticed if you have ever been to New York, the replacement of static bill boards with "electronic billboards", these consist of digital outdoor signage that covers the entire sides of buildings.

However for entertainment value, it is good that we do not live in San Paulo, Brazil, because in 2007, they banned all billboards in the City!

Why has outdoor digital signage become so porpular?

Well is down to the increasing reduction in cost of the LCD displays, almost every home in Europe has an LCD display even if it's a computer monitor! The old CRT monitors and TV's are now obsolete.

All you need to do is put the LCD TV and the media player into an outdoor LCD enclosure and you have the perfect outdoor signage solution.