Sunday, 23 August 2009

LCD Enclosures And Digital Signage Go Hand In Hand.

Imagine this, you are on your way to the airport, along the highway you see large billboards that rotate the advertisements every 15 seconds, you need fuel so you stop, here you see weather, news and merchandise being promoted on gas pump top displays.

When you get to the airport, all the arrival and departure details are displays on digital signs.

It doesn’t stop here, when you get off the plane, you get into a taxi that links your destination hotel or home to a small display that is highlighting the local restaurants.

Now this is something we all have experienced, but may have not noticed, that digital out of home advertising is all around us.

Airports, Bus Terminals, Ferry Terminals and Train Stations.

Digital signage is used to keep passengers informed of arrivals and departures, at the same time used for advertising hotels, shops and restaurants.

Retail sector used dynamic signs to promote in-store “specials”, improving brand awareness and even their restaurant.

Banks use it to display interest rates as well as being used for corporate branding.

The list goes on, however if any of the above use them for outdoor use, they must rest assure, they use either a waterproof commercial grade television or LCD enclosures.

One application is to put electronic billboards outside of the gates at airports, so when a plane lands the baggage handlers know which carousel to put the baggage on, in this application one of the most cost effective solution sis to use an LCD enclosure as they can be hanged from ceilings, mounted on walls as well as on pedestals.

Without protection from an LCD enclosure, the display would be doomed, so it does prove that a protective case does go hand in hand with electronic signs.